Cycle To Work Scheme

Buy a bicycle through cycle to work scheme
Cycle to work scheme in Dublin

Cycle to work Scheme (previously known as Bike to work scheme) it is an initiative (tax incentive scheme) launched by the Irish Government that encourage people to travel to work by bicycle. Under the scheme all employees (those who pay PRSI) can buy a new bicycle (bicycle accessories included) and the employer will pay for it. Then the employee should repay the total amount in max 12 months.

There is a maximum amount that can be spent for a bicycle. For a standard road, mountain hybrid bike the max amount is €1250. For an electric bicycle the max amount is €1500. To avail of the scheme you will need to ask your employer if they operate the scheme and what are their requirements. If the employer decides to buy the bicycle for you, you will be exempt from tax on the benefit of the cost of the bike.

Steps to follow when choosing the bicycle (and accessories) through cycle to work scheme:

  1. Choose the bicycle (electric or standard) and bike accessories from our bike shop
  2. We will issue a pre-invoice to you. With it you need to go to your employer
  3. If the employer aggress to pay for the bicycle he will pay us by direct bank payment, cheque, PayPal.
  4. Once we have got the payment for the bicycle we can give the bicycle to you

!!!Please note that we do not ask for any deposits and we can hold the bicycle for you for max of 14 days!!!

To contact our bike shop for cycle to work scheme please use the form below, call  call 0894 721 768 or email at info(at)reliablebikes(dot)com. Alternatively, you can call into our bike repair shop located at 175 Phibsborough Road, Dublin 7, Ireland.

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