Electric Bike Conversion Kit

ebike conversion kit for salk in dublin
Electric Bicycle conversion kit

Looking for an electric bicycle conversion kit? Do you want to convert your road, mountain bike to an electric bicycle using an ebike conversion kit? Choose Reliable Bikes- Bike Shop, to convert your standard road, mountain, hybrid, folding bicycle to an ebike.

Electric bicycle conversion kits are a great enhancement for any standard bicycle. They allow to convert your own bicycle (one that you’re already comfortable with) to an electric bike at a lower cost than a new electric bicycle. You can travel easily more distances without getting fatigue.

Types of electric bike conversion kit?

  1. Front wheel mounted- you replace your bicycle front wheel with another wheel that has an electric motor built in. This is the cheapest alternative from all 3 types of kits.
  2. Mid mounted conversion kits- you add the motor to the bottom bracket where the pedals are located. This type of conversion kit is more expensive than the other 2 types but has greater advantages. We recommend this type of conversion kit to our customers.
  3. Rear Mounted conversion kit- you have the replace the bicycle rear wheel with another wheel that has the motor built in. It is more expensive than the kit that the front wheel kit.

All types of conversion kits have advantages or disadvantages. Some are cheaper some more expensive. Our Ebike technicians can advise you what is the best alternative for your bicycle. In our bike shop we install all types and models of kits such as : Bafang, Yose, AW, Mega Brand, Voilamart to name just a few.

To contact Reliable Bikes for an electric bicycle conversion kit, or for buying a new or used ebike, road, mountain, hybrid, folding, leisure bicycle please call 089 472 1768 or visit us at 175 Phibsborough Road, Dublin 7, Ireland.