Fiido Repair & Service

electric bike fiido repair and service in Dublin
Electric bike Fiido repair and service in Dublin

Looking for electric bicycle Fiido repair and service shop in Dublin? Need genuine Ebike Fiido parts and accessories? At Reliable Bikes – Fiido repair specialists we can help you. Whether it is a simple fiido repair such as tube replacement, gear adjustment, tyre replacement or a more complex job such as display or motor repair, service or replacement our ebike repair technicians will help fix your Fiido ebike.

Fiido bikes are an excellent alternative method of transport. They are smaller in size , lighter than standard bikes, have great battery autonomy and easier to store. They come in different sizes, different power output and they are a pleasure to ride. Whether you use it for travel to work, school run or for leisure, Fiido electric bicycles are great fun.

Types of Fiido Repair we do:

  1. Fiido Tube & Tyre Replacement
  2. Electric Fiido battery fix or replacement
  3. Fiido Wheels replacements
  4. Ebike Fiido Full Service
  5. Fiido Gear & Brake cables replacements
  6. Derailleur replacement
  7. Switch Control replacement
  8. Chainset- Crank replacement
  9. Freewheel Cassette replacement
  10. Fiido Display Replacement

You can buy genuine Fiido electric bicycle parts and accessories from our bicycle online shop. Also the bicycle parts can be bought directly from our bicycle shops located in Phibsborough, Dublin 7 and Drumcondra. Our bike technicians can fit them for you on your bicycle.

Do you have your own bike and want to convert it into an electric bicycle? we can fit an electric bike conversion kit on your own bike and convert it into an electric bicycle. Whatever your problem may be we are here to help you.

If interested in Ebike Fiido service, repairs maintenance, tune-ups, rebuilds please contact Reliable Bikes – Ebike Fiido repair specialists on 089 472 1768 , email at info(at)reliablebikes(dot)com or call into our Fiido Ebike repairs shop located at 175 Phibsborough Road, Dublin 7, Ireland.